W G R S   S E R I E S   R E C E I V E R   S I G H T S





                                                                                                                                                       WGRS                                                                 FIRE SIGHT GHOST RING APERTURE





1475 WGRS-37 For Ithaca 37 pump shotgun, Browning BPS and Maverick 88. $39.95

1478 WGRS-44 For Ruger 44. Similar to the WGRS-RU22, but not interchangeable. Usually requires a higher front sight - .500 to .570M $39.95
44564 WGRS-44 Set For Ruger 44 with WGB-570M 1/16" $49.95
1481 WGRS-54 For Savage-Anschutz 54, 64, 141, 141M, 153, 153S; Remington 541S; Winchester 310, 320, 9422. (On 9422, a front sight height of .450 is required.) This is a very versatile sight in that it can be fitted on most of the dovetails on the receivers of .22 rifles. These dovetails have quite a wide tolerance and in many cases will require some hand fitting of the WGRS-54, but this can be easily accomplished by filing the bottom of the sight slightly to increase the width of the dovetail and then it is just a matter of slipping the sight on. Because of low line sights a higher front sight may be required. Use of the Williams Shorty or Streamlined ramp and a Williams beaded front sight should solve any of these problems. $39.95
1445 WGRS-70 For all post- war Model 70 Winchesters. Will also fit the Model 670 and 770 as well as the Browning A-Bolt. $39.95
70019 WGRS-96/22 Set For Ruger 96-22, 96-22 Magnum with proper Fire Sight, front sight (non-drill and tap). $49.95
70017 WGRS-99/44 Set For 99-44 Ruger with proper Fire Sight, front sight and riser block (non-drill and tap). $49.95
1448 WGRS-100 For Winchester 88 lever action and 100 automatic. (Higher front sight needed - .450 height.) Also for Sako Finnwolf. $39.95
70200 WGRS-336 For Marlin 336 $39.95
70018 WGRS-336 Set For Marlin 336 with proper Fire Sight, front sight (non-drill and tap). $49.95
70249 WGRS-695 For Mossberg 695. $39.95
1451 WGRS-700 For Remington 700, 721 and 722. Also for Howa 1500. $39.95
1454 WGRS-742 For Remington 760 and 742. Early models will require a higher front sight. For the BDL's, use the FP-740AP. $39.95
1484 WGRS-7400 For Remington Models 4, 7400, 6, and 7600. $39.95
70892 WGRS-7400 SET For Post 2003 Rifles w/one piece front ramp $49.95
1457 WGRS-BAR For Browning BAR auto rifle and BLR lever action. $39.95
66708 WGRS-Black Diamond For T/C Black Diamond $39.95
44737 WGRS-CVA Octagon For CVA rifles with octagon barrel or receiver design (Apollo, etc.) Many are factory drilled and tapped. Also fits Traditions Deerhunter. Requires higher front sight. By drilling and tapping, this sight can be used on most 5/16" and 1" octagon barrels. $39.95
70154 WGRS-CVA Round For CVA rifles with round barrel, Winchester X-150 muzzleloaders. $39.95
63303 WGRS-DISC/T-BOLT For Knight Disc and T-Bolt $39.95
63304 WGRS-ENCORE For T/C Encore and T/C Omega $39.95
1460 WGRS-FN Will fit any FN type action with 1/2" hole spacing, including the Mauser FN, S&W, Crown Grade Husqvarna (CGH) and the Browning high power bolt action, and Mark X. $39.95
17778 WGRS-H&R For H&R 158, 258 Topper single shot rifles. Also fits other 1/2" radius barrels or receivers and has 1" hole spacing. Fits Ruger MK-II .22 auto pistol receiver (drilling and tapping required). H&R Buffalo Classic use .570W front sight. $39.95
31794 WGRS-KN For Modern Muzzleloading Model MK-85 Knight rifle and Savage Model 110 with flat receiver. $39.95
70922 WGRS KNIGHT RB For Knight Rolling Block $39.95
51096 WGRS-LEGEND For Modern Muzzleloading Legend and Wolverine. Fits factory drilling and tapping. $39.95
1463 WGRS-M1 CAR For the 30 M1 Carbine. Fits dovetail. $39.95
1466 WGRS-M/L For large octagon barrels. Has flat base. (Also see WGRS-CVA) $39.95
20590 WGRS-MINI-14/30 Fits Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle and Mini-Thirty. $39.95
70271 WGRS-OPTIMA Set Fits Optima and Optima Pro. Includes Fire Sight front. $49.95
1469 WGRS-RU22 Fits Ruger 10/22 without drilling or tapping. A higher front sight is normally required -- usually .570. Also fits Winchester 1300 and 1400 Slug Hunter. $39.95
44565 WGRS-RU22 Set With WGB-570M 1/16". $49.95
63330 WGRS-RU22 Set With Fire Sight Front. $49.95
70274 WGRS-SAVAGE For Savage 110 with round receiver. $39.95
9671 WGRS-T/C For Thompson/Center Contender pistol, G2 $39.95
36810 WGRS-WN For Winchester 1300 and 1400 Slug Hunter. Fits factory drilling and tapping. $39.95
1472 WGRS-WR For late Winchester and Remington slide action and auto-loading shotguns. Will also fit Hopkins & Allen muzzleloaders. $39.95
70919 FIRE SIGHT GHOST RING APERTURE Fire Sight Ghost Ring Aperture. Convert any WGRS sight to the speed and accuracy of a ghost ring now with the light gathering effects of fiber optic. $9.95
51097 WGRS-WHITETAIL For White Systems Whitetail muzzleloader. (Fits factory drilling and tapping.) $39.95